Coach Conference 2021

2021 League Update

– League President John Nelson gives an update on the status of the League and the 2021 Spring Season

Handling COVID-19

– Information on how to navigate COVID-19 concerns, including managing socially-distant practices and competitions.

2021 Tournaments and Championships

– Information on the League’s plans for tournaments and championships, including announcement dates, new events, and information about virtual tournaments.

Spring Season Overview

– A quick look at the 2021 Modified Season Schedule, important dates, and information on how to handle COVID safety protocols.

Policies and Procedures

– A review of 2021 Modified Spring Season Policies and Procedures, changes for the 2021 spring season, and a look at True Team® Scoring

Education & Certification

– An informative video to guide coaches through the League’s education and certification requirements for Head Coaches and League athletes. Included is an overview of CLASS™ SAFE™ and the Coach Education & Support Website.


– A basic walkthrough of the League’s ClayTargetGO! Platform, including TMS (Team Management System) and AMS (Athlete Management System), including athlete and staff registration.

New Team Primer

– Coach Kelvie provides important information and insights for new teams regarding how to get a team started, and important steps to consider during that important first year.

Marketing Your Team

– Learn how to effectively market your team to your local community by engaging local media, setting up a basic social media presence, and reaching out to schools, parents, and local businesses.


– What coaches should know about fundraising: Identifying why you’re fundraising, making long-term plans, learning about resources, programs, and funding sources, and other items to consider while managing the financial needs of your team.

USACTL 2021 Ammunition Update

– A look at the status of the 2021 spring ammunition supply and strategies to overcome shortage issues.

ClayTargetGo – Understanding The TMS Waiting List

– A walkthrough of how the ‘Waiting List’ in your TMS team roster works, including what happens when a new athlete creates a profile