Hunter Safety Certificate

Athletes are required to have their Firearms Safety Certificate to register with the league.  With the closing of athlete registration right around the corner it’s important that as a coach you make sure your athletes have their certificate.  Classes can typically be found through your Department of Natural Resources and generally fill up quick.  I recommend you take some time this week to make sure the athletes you have signed up have their certificate or are working on it.  Any athlete that does not have their certificate number into the league by April 4th will be dropped and removed from the team roster.

As a new coach it can be a struggle to find nearby classes so your best bet is to contact a regional representative from your DNR and ask how they can assist you in getting athletes certified.  They may be able to contact instructors who will be willing to host a class to meet the needs of your team.  I have personally had luck with reaching out to my surrounding coaches as they have either been through this before or may have DNR instructors on their staff.

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