Graduating Seniors

As schools across the country say goodbye to their graduating seniors it’s always hard to say goodbye to athletes that may have been on your team for 4+ years.  As a Head Coach it’s fun to watch these athletes grow and mature into your adults.  Each year I find it harder and harder to say goodbye to some OUTSTANDING captains and seniors.

Aside from going to the many graduation parties I decided a couple of years ago that I needed to do something for my graduating seniors that was special and reflect on the relationship we had built over the past few years.  I knew money wasn’t the best gift so I looked around and found these picture frames they call shadow boxes.  Inside in each box I put a picture of them shooting in action, a copy of their best scored round, one of their spent shell casings and so on.

This is just one idea I had but I am sure there are many great ways to thank your senior athletes for all they have done in the high school shooting sports world.

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