Keeping the Drive Alive

Do you ever ask yourself why you became a coach?  I ask myself that all the time and the interesting thing is I never come up with the same answer.  Coaching is a unique skill set that only a handful of people can truly appreciate.  We go through a lot as coaches and yet most of the time we are under appreciated or undervalued.  I am here to say THANK YOU to all the amazing coaches we have in this league.  I speak for the league when I say it is a privilege and an honor to lead along side so many dedicated individuals.  As we continue to grow and manage our teams I wanted to touch on a few reasons as to why I coach.

1.  Giving back

I learned years ago that giving actually meant more to me than receiving.  I never thought I would put so much effort and time into something for free but as I look back over the past three seasons I can truly say it has all been worth it.  I get more satisfaction from our athletes than they will ever know.  It feels great to be able to teach, tell stories, and encourage young shooters.

2.  Better understanding of the game

I was once told that you learn more by teaching than by doing.  At the time that made absolutely no sense to me but as I progress as a coach I am starting to agree.  I thought I knew the fundamentals of trap shooting but it wasn’t until I began coaching it did I realize how much I didn’t know.  Coaching has brought me to heightened state of awareness as it pertains to focus, balance, vision, and movement.

3. Leadership skills

Coaching has brought me numerous rewards but most notably it has enhanced my leadership skills.  It is no easy task trying to work with and manage volunteers for the good of one common goal but I have been amazed at how easy it has been.  Working with others knowing that they are unpaid volunteers has shown me what true leadership is.  A successful leader is one who leads no matter what and in the case of coaching we see just about everything.  Coaching has also helped me to be a better father, co-worker, and husband because it allows me to see things from a better point of view.

4.  Confidence

Coaching has taught me to be confident in so many ways.  From public speaking to teaching firearms safety I can say that I am confident in what I teach.  This confidence comes from many small success’ throughout my coaching career.  Coaching trap has also given me the confidence to coach other sports such as football and wrestling.  I am forever grateful for the chance to be a head coach especially in the USA Clay Target League!

Take some time and ask yourself why you coach. I think you will be amazed at all the reasons you come up with.  Ultimately I think you will find that drive that I am talking about.

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