Meeting Deadlines

The season hasn’t even started yet and it feels like I have about a million different deadlines to meet.  As the Head Coach you are responsible for setting and meeting your team’s deadlines.  For most of us the most important deadline coming up is athlete registration.  I speak from personal experience when I say make sure your athletes are registered by March 15th!  Unfortunately I missed this deadline in the fall season one year and boy did I have some upset parents.  The league has a firm deadline of March 15th for athlete registration and they will not be able to help you after that.  It’s simple in the fact that if we do it for one we must do it for all and that cannot happen so make sure you remind your athletes to complete their league registration ASAP!

Over the years I have learned to set fair deadlines that give me enough time to correct something if need be.  DO NOT wait until the last minute to collect forms, fees, and safety certificates.  The deadlines you set need to be firm and clear to all athletes, parents and coaches.

What are some deadlines you have set?  Is the team respecting them and completing things on time?

A strong set of deadlines shows the team your organized and in control.  Ultimately they will know your serious and show you the respect you deserve.

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