One eye or two?

For years trap shooters of all ages and size have debated whether or not it’s best to shoot with one eye open or both eyes open.  One thing I think that gets left out of the conversation is that everyone’s eyes are different.  The simple answer is there isn’t just a one size fits all solution and for that I offer these few suggestions……..

Have your eyes checked out by a doctor.

While I know most coaches can point out the dominant eye, they are not doctors.  Vision is critical to shooting sports and being able to focus on the target is imperative if you want to hit anything.  We have athletes that use prescription glasses missing targets only to find out that their prescription was out dated and due for new glasses.  Talk to the athletes about their vision and make sure they are seeing what they should be.

Use whatever is more comfortable.

Too many times I see coaches forcing athletes to keep both eyes open and in turn it makes things more distracting for them.  If an athlete is comfortable and hitting targets with one eye closed then why not encourage that?  Again, there is not just one way so be open to trying different things that maybe you may not understand.

Where to start?

You can start by identifying the dominant eye which will at least give you and the athlete the same understanding as you issue instruction.  From there if the shooter is comfortable have them try both eyes open.  Ideally having both eyes open gives the shooter the best vision of the field.  If having both eyes open does not work, then immediately go to one eye open and instruct from there.

Keep in mind that the goal in all of this is to build the athletes confidence to a point where they are hitting the targets.  If they prefer one way or another and its safe, then work with them that way.


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