Ordering Ammunition Early Has Benefits

With the announcement this week of the upcoming Coaches Conferences it has got me thinking about how prepared I am for the spring season.  One thing that popped into my head immediately was ammunition and how was I going to acquire it.  I called around to a few places and no matter who I called I got the same message, “Buy early and buy wisely”.

As most of you are aware the events in Paris and San Bernadino have been all over the media and once again sparking fear in Americans.  This fear triggers “Panic Buying” which makes it very difficult for people like you and I that are trying to purchase ammunition responsibility to to our job.  While panic has certainly not set in yet, most distributors and retailers are noticing supplies vanish quickly.  Take some time to evaluate your ammunition situation and do not hesitate to purchase if you think you have the means to.  More information will be available at the Coaches Conference.


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