Searching for That New Shotgun

In search of a new shotgun?

Many of our athletes begin their shooting careers with a basic shotgun but quickly learn that its nice to have options.  With the spring season wrapping up now is a great time to get the kids out to the range for some demonstration.  We are lucky because we have so many options in this country to try out new guns.  Reach out to your local retailer and ask for a demo day.  Most retailers are happy to bring out shotguns for athletes to try before they buy.  Try and seek out a variety of choices and don’t be afraid to ask for help from your local gun club manager.

Working with your athletes is key to helping them pick the right shotgun.  Ask them a few simple questions before offering advice such as………

1.  Why do you feel like you need a new shotgun?

2.  What are you looking to gain from a new gun?

3.  What don’t you like about your current gun?

4.  What are you willing to spend on a new gun?

Answering these 4 questions will help coaches guide athletes into new shotguns.  Ultimately the athlete needs to find the gun that best fits them.  Most athletes are still growing so look for something that offers an adjustable comb, adjustable butt plate, and adjustable rib. Guns that have options are generally more expensive but the results can be amazing when you watch an athlete use a properly fitted gun.

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