The Team Photo

One of the most impactful and under used tools for your team is the team photo. The team photo is a MUST because of the many positive messages it sends to family, friends, and school officials.  Handing out or hanging reasonably sized posters of your team to local business’s is a great way to generate support from your community.  Try and find a backdrop that is fitting to our sport and definitely include your coaching staff.

1.  Is it OK to include shotguns in the team photo?

A.  I get this question a lot and it totally depends on what you intend to do with the photo.  If you intend to have the photo displayed in your school, then you absolutely need to seek approval before including shotguns.

2.  Does the photo have to be done by a professional photographer?

A.  Not at all!  If you have someone within your program that has a decent camera I recommend asking them if they will take the team photo.  Your photo may not be the brightest or the best but there is plenty of FREE software these days to do minor touch ups.

3.  Am I allowed to use the team photo on social media?

A.  Check with your school for their social media policy but at a minimum if you have a team Facebook page it should be your cover photo.

The list of positive reasons to have a team photo is never ending so make sure that you let your family’s know well in advance of the photo date so that you can include as many team members as possible.

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