Tracking the Growth

Often I get inquiries from coaches asking what states the league is offered in, what kind of growth is happening outside of Minnesota and so on.  The past few months have been very exciting with new teams added every day!  For those that really want to know what is going on daily I recommend adding and “Liking” many of the social media pages we have going.  Facebook and Twitter are being updated constantly and can be a great source for information such as new teams, state championship information, deadline reminders and so on.

Can I follow more than 1 State?

Absolutely! If your like me and want to stay current I suggest following all of our states and sharing them with people you know.  The USA Clay Target League also has a social media presence that post information nationally.

What social media sites is the league a part of?

Facebook and Twitter have been active for quite a while but most recently we have begun to launch Instagram pages for you to follow.

Did you know?

Did you know the league is actively advertising in 18 states?  To find out more you can log into

Keeping up with social media can be fun and a great way to watch the growth of my favorite league!

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