Exciting Times!

It’s hard to believe that we are almost to the end of March!!  In less than one week we will gather our gear and head to the range for what is sure to be our BEST season yet.  For weeks I have been preparing coaches, training athletes, and working with parents to get everyone excited for the 2016 spring season.  Before we enjoy that final holiday before trap and skeet season let’s take a look and see if we are ready to go.

Safety Certificates

Have all of your athletes completed the necessary firearms safety certification process?  If you are not sure then log in to your Team Management System and make sure.  If you have athletes still completing the process, make sure they get their certification numbers to you by the deadline!


Hopefully by now you are sick of meetings because its time to hit the field.  Before you start that first squad make sure you have athletes informed and understanding safety procedures.  Knowledge and skills will enhance throughout the season but safety has to be understood from the very first shot.  Take the next week to make sure your athletes are trained in team procedures and familiar with the range rules.


The registration process can wear on you and your athletes but don’t carry that into the season.  Make sure your athletes enter the season distraction free and ready to have FUN!  Scores and awards mean nothing if your athletes are not having fun.  Be on the look out for ways to make the early part of the season fun and exciting.  Your athletes will feed off of you so make sure YOU are having as much fun as they are.

Good Luck to all Coaches and Teams!

Happy Easter!

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