Promoting Leadership

As we head into practice week one I can safely say that the teams enthusiasm to get going is at an all time high!  Family’s and athletes alike can’t wait to get those first rounds down range.  While I expect the usual beginning of the season excitement I am surprised at how many inquiries I have had by athletes looking for more responsibility.

Leadership Roles

Who is going to argue with a high school athlete looking to help out more?   I surely would not but then what am I going to have them do?  I already have captains, coaches, range safety officers, score recorders, and so on.  I quickly learned that it’s my job as the coach to encourage these athletes and find a way to make them a part of the action.

Athlete Advisory Council

My immediate solution to the problem was to create an athlete advisory council.  The council allows athletes not quite eligible to be captains the opportunity to have their voice heard.  The council is made up of athletes grades 7-12 and meets only a few times a year.  I have been very impressed with the buy in of the athletes and selfishly I believe I am looking at my future captains.  Most coaches will say that we are only here to shoot but I believe the more you can foster leaders off the field the better results you will have on the field.

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