Having a Vision

This week I had parent come up to me and ask “What are we raising all this money for, what’s the team vision”?  This got me thinking that while I thought the vision was clear, I had done a poor job of explaining what it was to our family’s.

Coming up with a vision for the team is crucial if you want your athletes and parents to buy into the team.  Family’s do not want to be showing up each week with no clue as to why you are asking something of them.  Take some time to confer with your coaches, board members, school officials, and volunteers to determine what this team will look like in five years.  The vision does NOT have to be complicated but does need to express where this team will be heading in the future.

Our vision is simple in that we have decided that we are developmental team for the students at our school.  The decisions we make along with the funds we raise will go directly to the education of youth shooting sports.  We want our family’s to know that we will compete as necessary but that our main goal is to get student athletes enjoying and improving at trap and skeet shooting.

If you haven’t already, take some time to come up with a vision and mission for your team.  Make sure it is not like every other high school sport and that it focuses on athlete development.  Parents and athletes will appreciate the values you have set forth for your team.

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