Tournament Eligibility

Week 1 starts Sunday and with that comes the excitement of the season.  Coaches and athletes have worked hard the past few months preparing for what is sure to be our BEST season yet.  As we head into week 1 I have been getting quite a few inquiries about eligibility for both athletes and teams that enter into non-league sanctioned tournaments.

Are team allowed to participate in non-league tournaments?

Yes , as long as both coaches and athletes follow the eligibility rules in the Policies and Procedures manual.

Can my team accept endowment dollars for participating in an outside tournament?

Yes, as long as neither the coach or the athlete pays a registration fee.  Endowment money for participation is one thing but paying for athletes to compete is another.

Can my team compete for endowment dollars?

No, competitions require a paid registration and therefore are not an acceptable tournament format.

These are just a few of the questions we have received regarding outside tournaments.  With fundraising being such an important part of each team its hard to pass up opportunities to make money.  Be patient and sift through your options carefully because the LAST thing the league wants to do is enact a penalty on a team or athlete.

Simple rule of thumb says that if the tournament is IN season and NOT sanctioned by the league to avoid it.  There are plenty of other times throughout the year to participate in tournaments and have fun.

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