Give Back to the Community

Making a positive impact in your community can be easy, and even fun, when you expand your ideas about how you can help. Giving back to the community brings your team together and shows that you appreciate the people that helped you build a successful program. You don’t need a heap of money, a crew of fellow volunteers or boatloads of time to make a difference. Simply by using the skills and resources you already have, and sharing them with others, you can come up with all sorts of creative ways to help someone in your community have a better day. Giving back to the community is the right thing to do as an established team.

  1. 10357244_293434807515208_2826394755756629404_nThere are a number of ways your team can give back but it’s always a great idea to start with your local gun club. Coordinate with the manager and establish some things that the team can offer the club. Here are a few ideas of ways your team can help the gun club:
    • Build picnic tables.
    • Build benches to sit on.
    • Build gun racks.
    • Offer to take care of the grounds (mowing, landscaping, planting shrubs).
    • Paint trap houses.
    • Paint pavilions.
    • Shovel sidewalks and shooting lanes.
    • Pulling targets for members.
    • Volunteering at gun club tournaments and events.
  1. Generate ideas and form groups that can offer community assistance services at the following:
    • Local food shelves.
    • Assist non-profit organizations.
    • Bagging groceries.
    • Working with Cub/Boy Scout groups.
    • Help during firearm safety field days.
    • Working a booth at the county fair.
    • Cleanup a local park and/or lake.
  2. Make sure to plan at least one event per season where your team gives back in some way.
  3. Giving back to the community will be very rewarding for your team while building strong support throughout the community.
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