Emerging Teams

This course is designed for coaches of teams that are considered to be established.

Lesson content includes: 501c3 nonprofit status, controlling team growth, continuing education, giving back to the community, expanding on skills, managing the team, equipment upgrades, storage, self-evaluation, preparing for the unknown.


Acquire 501c3 Non-profit Status

A 501c3 category for non-profit organizations is the most common and broad classification for public charities and foundations organizations such as youth activity programs typically qualify for. These organizations directly coordinate activities related to their proposed charitable mission. There are federal legal obligations for nonprofit organizations and it is important you understand them prior to […]

Prepare for the Unknown

The best head coaches are constantly searching for solutions to challenges that have yet to appear. Preparing for the unknown is what separates a good coach from a great coach. Preparing for the unknown can be as simple as thinking outside the moment and looking ahead at opportunities that may arise. Here are a few […]

Conduct Self-Evaluation

Head coaches typically have their hands in all aspects of the team therefore it is a good idea to take the time to evaluate yourself and make sure you are moving in the right direction. Self-evaluation can quickly help you realize your strengths and area’s for improvement. Be thorough in your self-evaluation by taking the […]

Acquire Storage

Equipment is expensive and should be stored properly in a clean and secured location. These are few things to consider when looking for a storage facility: The location should be safe and secure, preferably locked at all times. Find a place that is dry and safe from the elements, moisture will corrode guns and ammunition. […]

Upgrade Equipment

It’s time to evaluate what the team has for equipment and see what improvements can be made to safety, firearms, gear, and technology. Start with safety equipment, safety is a priority and the equipment you offer should be in good condition and free of defects. Hearing protection: Foam plugs. Foam ear plugs are great but […]

Improve Your Shooting Skills

By now your returning athletes have the basics mastered and are looking to be pushed to the next level, as the head coach you will need to expand on your skill set. Coaches will be the first group that need to increase their skill set, here are few options for improving your teaching skills: Attend various […]

Control Team Growth

You have evolved to quickly become one of the most popular teams at your school and the interest of new students and volunteers to join your team is very high. Managing this high level of interest can be fun and challenging. Here are the areas of growth you will need to consider: Size of coaching […]

Refine Team Management Structure

Experienced teams need coaches who can adjust from year to year and maintain a high level of management. Your team is made up of a wide range of athletes and parents, good management portrays the feeling of safety and fun at all team events. Being the head coach comes with many expectations and with those […]

Explore Continuing Education

Leading the education efforts to teach coaches safety, fun, and marksmanship a never-ending task. New methods, process, products, and technology continue to evolve and the ability to keep up with most of it is challenging. Keep up to date records of your coaches and their credentials. Make sure your coaching and education preferences are consistent […]

Give Back to the Community

Making a positive impact in your community can be easy, and even fun, when you expand your ideas about how you can help. Giving back to the community brings your team together and shows that you appreciate the people that helped you build a successful program. You don’t need a heap of money, a crew […]