The Team Management System™ (TMS) is a proprietary secured web-based application provided to team coaches to manage athlete registration, team profiles, member profiles, rosters and scores.TMS-Logo

  1. Coaches receive access to TMS after approval of their team.
  2. It is important to populate all fields in the team profile page.
  3. Athlete registration is easy. Simply add the athlete’s name, send the registration password and website link, and the registrant completes all the information for the coach. Registrants must agree to all terms including Sportsmanship, Consent & Waiver, Medical Information, Privacy Policy and Student Information.
  4. Coaches can share access with other coaches, but only one user name and password can be used.
  5. Submitting scores is easy. Simply select “Submit Scores” from the menu and enter the total scores for each of the two rounds. TMS calculates the scoring, rankings, averages and posts the scores to the website on Saturday night. 25- and 50-straight achievements are automatically submitted and posted on the League’s website.
  6. To register athletes for tournaments, simple participation checkboxes allow coaches to select participating athletes.
  7. Stress accuracy to parents and coaches while inputting data into Some of the data in TMS is used to publish an athlete’s name and gender.
  8. Keep team profile and athlete information updated at all times.


Team Management System

Athlete Registration Example

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