New Teams

This course is designed for coaches of teams that are in the startup phase.

Lesson content includes: get team started, acquire coaches and volunteers, acquire student athletes, lining up a shooting range, acquire trusted resources for ammunition, implement a safety plan, set up a financial plan, resource clothing options, layout calendar for all team events, set up team communications, learn the TMS (Team Management System), teaching the skills of the sport, create an information database, tournament preparation, awards and achievement recognition.


Start a Team

Students, parents, teachers, gun club members, or school officials have the ability to start a shooting sport team at their school. It’s easy, fun, and the League provides as much assistance required to help get your new team approved. Contact the school Athletic Director, Activities Director and/or Principal to set up a meeting to identify […]

Acquire Coaches and Volunteers

School shooting sport teams are successful when responsible leaders and contributors team up to work on the common goal of involving schools and students in shooting sports. The results of a common goal-orientated coaching staff creates a safe, fun and competitive activity that all participants will be proud to be part of. Make sure you […]

Recruit Student Athletes

Offering a new shooting sports team at your school is an historic and exciting offering that many people will have a very high level of interest in. A shooting sports team offers the initial opportunity for all students to participate in as long as they meet the League requirements. In virtually all cases, the number […]

Partner with a Shooting Range

A respected business alliance with your local shooting range is the most critical component to a successful team. Involving them early in the process of forming a team will lead to a mutual understanding of expectations and results. Shooting ranges that have hosted League teams previously understand the need for teams and can assist with […]

Acquire Trusted Resources for Ammunition

There are many retailers and manufacturers to consider when choosing or recommending ammunition for your team. It’s important that you consult with your shooting range prior to making any decisions to assure that the ammunition you choose will comply within the shooting range’s requirements. Price, product and availability are the primary factors should be considered […]

Implement a Safety Plan

Safety is the League’s number one priority for everyone involved. Therefore it is vitally important that you create, promote, train, and practice all the safety components related to your team. The primary safety components include shooting range safety requirements, team/League safety requirements, and an emergency management plan. The League has an unblemished safety record and […]

Set up a Financial Plan

Setting up and managing your team’s finance efficiently and effectively is vitally important and is in everyone’s best interest. Talk to your school and/or financial specialists in your team’s development stages to explore the best option for you and your team to manage money. Discuss team financial management with school officials and/or financial specialists and […]

Team Apparel

Your new team will quickly become the hot topic at the school. Offering your student athletes the opportunity to promote their team and school spirit through your team’s uniform makes them proud. Uniforms can be as simple as a t-shirt or a fully-coordinated ensemble. Contact a local apparel company to design team uniforms. Consider the […]

Team Communications

Consistent, clear, and concise information shared equally among members of your team, their families and the public is very important. Assigning communication efforts to select members of your coaching staff will ensure message and tone consistency through the many communication channels typically used for a team. Multiple communications from multiple people to the same audience […]


ClayTargetGo! is the League’s exclusive online application suite designed specifically for clay target league coaches and families! ClayTargetGo! helps users manage operations, online registration, communications, scoring, statistics, and more. Team Management System™ (TMS) After confirming their team’s participation in the League, the Head Coach of the team will assigned primary access to the Team Management […]

Teach the Skills of the Sport

Teaching student athletes a sport that requires discipline, self-control, hand-eye coordination and concentration is a challenge. Your team likely will be comprised of student athletes with a very wide range of shooting skills. From student that have never used a shotgun previously, to athletes who are just shy of shooting skill perfection, your coaching staff […]

Create a Secure Information Database

The League provides tools through your Team Management System™ so you can access information quickly and accurately. All athlete information is entered by the athlete’s parent/guardian or the athlete at the time of registration. To help manage the information of your coaching staff, create a database of contact information that can be accessed by those […]

Prepare for Tournaments

Participating in the League’s tournaments is a great experience for everyone. It is the best venue to meet other teams, coaches and student athletes all in a single location and time. Each tournament is unique by offering equal competition among athletes with similar shooting abilities. The League makes it easy to participate through online registration. […]

Recognize Achievements

Recognizing individual and team achievements is an important component to providing a great experience for your student athletes. Achievements don’t always have to recognize top performers. Make sure you consider many ways to recognize those that help make the team successful. Discuss with your school and coaches before the League begins to set various levels […]

Conduct Team Fun Shoots and Picnic

Nothing brings a team together more than FUN! Teams should find fun and creative ways to get the team together for more than just competitive shoots. Fun shoots should include food, fun, and games! Here are a few ideas to include in your fun shoot: Invite parents, teachers, school officials, and sponsors to shoot Coaches […]

Publish a Yearbook Photo

A yearbook photos allows your team to become permanently enshrined in a student athlete’s memoir and represent the school proudly. A professional photo of your team will promote your team proudly. Reach out to the school yearbook staff to inquire about the deadlines and format for submitting a team photo. The photo should include the […]

Remote shooting range

If shooting range access is unavailable, teams may coordinate with a local landowner to create a remote range. Like formal shooting ranges, a remote range has to provide a safe, fair, and competitive environment for a team to participate in the League while following all shooting range requirements in these Policies & Procedures. Remote range […]