Refine Team Management Structure

IMG_3773Experienced teams need coaches who can adjust from year to year and maintain a high level of management. Your team is made up of a wide range of athletes and parents, good management portrays the feeling of safety and fun at all team events.

  1. Being the head coach comes with many expectations and with those expectations come roles of responsibility, consider appointing a team manager to help with the following:
    • Field set up and take down.
    • Check in and check out procedures.
    • Ammunition distribution.
    • Team hand outs.
    • League reminders.
    • Equipment checks.
  2. Having a team manager can boost your level of coaching by eliminating distractions.
  3. Team managers are great for keeping a comfortable separation between athlete and parent on the field.
  4. A good team manager would have the following qualities:
    • Positive attitude.
    • Excellent communication skills.
    • Well organized.
    • Friendly.
    • Informative.
    • Willing to work with others.
    • Always available.
  5. Many head coaches found that having a team manager is an essential part of a great team, the team manager becomes the glue that holds your team together.
  6. Managing is not the same as coaching, seek out an individual that will stick to their duties and let you be the coach.
  7. Encourage your team manager to oversee off the field duties such as:
    • Clothing orders.
    • School requirements (physicals and fees).
    • Team registration.
    • Team banquet.
    • Team photo.
    • Organize tournaments.
  8. Select a team manager that has plans to remain with the team for the long term, switching people each year can have negative connotations and be frustrating for everyone.
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