Planning for the State Championship

How does your calendar look these days?  

If it’s anything like mine than you are booked out until about 2025!  One thing the league tries to do each year is plan as far ahead as possible.  We know you have a lot going on and we want to be the least of your concerns.

State Championship Registration

It’s never too early to start contacting your athletes to see if they are interested in participating in the State Championship.  The State Championship is by far the pinnacle of season for many athletes.  For some this is their only opportunity to compete side by side with other teams in their conference.  Although registration is not due until May, I highly recommend promoting the championship to your athletes and getting them signed up early!

Who can compete?

Everyone!  OK, not mom and dad but any athlete on your team is qualified to compete at the State Championship.  All athletes are invited to test their skills against teams from all across the state.

Whats the benefit of going?

Where do I start?  Over the years I have been witness to things I never thought possible.  I can honestly say that the tournament atmosphere has impacted my athletes to shoot their best.  Regardless of their skill level going into the championship I have seen many of our kids shoot personal bests!  The fun does not stop there because aside from the incredible shooting the whole environment is amazing.  Concessions, vendors, gunsmiths, manufacturers, armed services, and much more are all a part of the championship experience!

As a coach who brings nearly 80 kids to the championship each year I recommend letting your family’s know early when the tournament is and what to expect.  Newer athletes may not be sure at first but returning shooters know if they will be attending or not.

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