Team Meetings

Are you having one?

How about having more than one?

Now is the time to be holding a team meeting!  Your team meeting needs to be informational to both parents and athletes alike.  I remember back to the first team meeting we had and boy was I nervous.  I felt completely unprepared to talk about how we were going to offer a fun and safe program that included kids and guns.  Do your best to get over the nerves because you have a lot of information to convey in a short period.  Here are few things I learned from holding multiple team meetings over the years………..


Pick a venue that is welcoming and spacious.  School auditoriums, gun club banquet rooms, and so on are great places to have the team meeting.  Make sure the venue is big enough to accommodate parents, athletes, and school officials.   If possible try to include a power point for visual awareness, lecturing can do more harm than good when trying to make your points.


Put together an agenda and STICK TO IT!  All family’s should get a copy of the agenda to follow along with.   Make sure your presentation includes information regarding safety, registration, uniforms, and the season calendar.  Allow time in your agenda for questions because you will certainly have plenty of those.


Stress to your family’s how you will communicate to them.  I have found that over the years you will need more than one way to communicate to athletes and parents.  Email is generally the preferred method but be open to social media, text messaging, and school announcements.  Although not required I highly recommend having a website that the team will check frequently.  The website needs to be maintained properly with up to date information and links for people to find information.

Team meetings are great way to share information and network with your team!  Whether this is your first time or you’re a seasoned veteran team meetings are great to have at this point in the season.


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