Shell Catchers

Shell catchers have been around forever and are generally used for most sporting semi-automatic shotguns.  Traditionally you do not tend to see many of this type of shotgun used for trap and skeet.  Although rare we are seeing and abundance of them in the clay target league.

Why do we see so many with the younger athletes?

I would say cost and efficiency is the number one answer.  Semi-automatic shotguns are great for hunting and therefore easily accessible for any athlete who has a hunter in the family.  Using dad’s semi-automatic is a much cheaper and easier way to see if the athlete enjoys the sport before purchasing the correct gun.  Semi-auto’s generally have less recoil making them more favorable but I still think the number one answer is commitment.

Why require a shell catcher?

Shell catchers are recommended for the simple fact that shells being ejected from the gun become distractive to other shooters on the line.  I have seen it time and time again where an athlete on post 1 is hitting and athlete on post 2 in the leg with a hot spent shell.  This is avoidable and unnecessary as our athletes compete.

Take the time to offer your athletes using semi-automatic shotguns a shell catcher.  It will reduce distractions on the line and save you the time and hassle of picking up spent shells from the field.

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