Tipping the Puller

Traditionally it has been customary to tip your puller at a staffed range.  Most pullers work for minimum wage and the tips are a nice gesture considering they are outside in the elements rain or shine.  This has many wondering if tipping is acceptable, mandatory, or even suggested.  Let’s start with who has been traditionally tipping.

Long before the clay target league existed league night was a favorite for shooters of all types.  Guys and gals would get together to bust some clays while mainly out just to have a good time with friends.  As the night wrapped up the group would tip their puller and head in to talk about the highlights of the night.  Tipping has become the norm for this type of recreational shooting.

On the other side of the fence you have your competition shooters registering targets weekly for a spot at the top.  These people are shooting for competition sport and therefore not concerned with tipping as the puller in this case is part of the competition.

So where does that leave us?  We are not completely recreational nor are we fully competitive.  It is my opinion that tipping is not mandatory for high school clay target shooting.  The people who traditionally tip have jobs or are sponsored where as we are working with grade school athletes who may or may not fundraise.  Tipping your puller during non team practices seems to fall in line with range etiquette but I would not feel obligated to tip your puller on your competition night.  In some instances your puller may work at the club and be a member of your team so you don’t want to mix business with pleasure.

If you are dead set on tipping that is fine but I recommend trying to acknowledge your pullers efforts in another way by offering them to shoot extra rounds or by donating something heart-felt from the team.  Tipping is fine if you are comfortable with it but I do not recommend draining your team budget over it.

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