The Reward of Working Together!

This week the league released maps for each state showing the geographical location of all the great schools we have participating this year.  It got me thinking and looking back at how things have developed over the years for both the league and my own team.  Seeing so many schools close together reminded me of how important it has been for me over the past three seasons to work with my neighboring coaches.  The idea of rival coaches working together seems unheard of when compared to typical high school sports such as baseball, football, and hockey.  I will say that my team wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is today without the help of neighboring coaches and their staffs.  As your team and the league continue to grow I highly recommend reaching out to surrounding schools and share ideas with each other.  The beauty of how this league is set up is its character focusing on improving all athletes, coaches, and safety officials.

There are many ways to work with other coaches and reaching out to the leagues advisory council can be a start for many.  Our advisory council is made up of mainly coaches who have been through the process of starting a team, maintaining a team, and growing a team.  Early on I remember having a lot of questions when it came to team structure, schedule and fundraising.  I reached out to my neighbors for help and was amazed to see so much support and excellent advice.

Sharing your experiences and ideas with other coaches is what bonds this league together.  Find a way to connect with your neighboring coaches and meet for coffee.  You will be amazed at how many different paths your conversation will take.

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