Hitting the Mark

The final piece of the league’s motto is Marksmanship.  It’s tough to envision any youth shooting sports organization not having marksmanship be the focal point for its athletes.  We as coaches are here to make sure that our athletes are hitting the mark not only on the field but off the field as well.  I have found that teaching the technical skills to become an excellent shot can be extremely rewarding for young shooters.  Over the years I have watched a number of athletes increase their hits and reduce their losses because of proper teachings.  In our sport becoming a marksman is the pinnacle.  We all want to win but the ones that can figure out how to be consistent will eventually prevail. 

Marksmanship is the art and style of target shooting.  We accept athletes of all shapes and sizes; some are very raw and can barely hold onto the shotgun.  The challenge as a head coach is to find a way to make those kids be safe, have fun, and eventually become marksman.  What can you do to get these athletes dialed in and become focused shooters?

Starting with the fundamentals is ALWAYS the best way to work with new athletes.  Making sure that they learn proper balance, stance, and mechanics will help them to understand how to hit the target.  It’s important to focus on one skill at a time and make sure the athlete is able to perform it before moving on.  While the technical skills are necessary, it is important that you have your athletes understand the mental toughness it takes to become a true marksman.  Creating a distraction free environment with one on one practice can help your athletes reach their goals and eventually maybe even earn the title of marksman!

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