The School Yearbook

Have you thought about contacting the school to have a picture of your team in the school yearbook?

Each school will handle things differently but it’s important as the Head Coach that you find out if your team can be represented in the yearbook.  Some school will have requirements that you MUST follow such as NO GUNS or AMMUNITION in the photo but be creative and find a way to put your team in the best light.  Of the few questions that we do ask students, the response has always been overwhelmingly high that athletes want to be in the yearbook.

Setting the Scene

Take some time to find a location that helps tell the story of your team.  Gun ranges are great but make sure the picture looks fun and inviting.  Most high school team photos look serious and boring so don’t be afraid to highlight the character of the team.


The team photo should not only incorporate the athletes but also the coaches and range safety officers.  It’s important that school officials see that what you are doing is not only fun but extremely safe!

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