Team Captains

Have you selected your team captains yet?

Do you even know how many captains you need and what they will do?Captains Vest

Team captains are an essential part of your team and must used in the proper way both on and off the field.  I wish there was a standard formula for determining how many captains a team needs but since there isn’t I am going to provide a few ideas for you to consider while selecting captains.

At a minimum I would suggest having 1 captain per 10 athletes on the team.  Once you have determined your team size it should make sense how many captains you need to fill leadership roles.  It’s a good idea to create “Captains Criteria” that outlines your expectations and clearly defines the role of a captain on your team.  The criteria should include the minimum requirements, good standing with the school, and preferred options for those that want to go above and beyond.

So what’s the process?

Start by advertising to your team that you are looking for team captains.  Most schools have a standard form that the athletes can complete and submit directly to you.  Once you have reviewed the applications it’s time to set up interviews.  Interviews should be 15 minutes or less and conducted by the Head Coach and maybe 1 or 2 assistant coaches.  Once interviews have been done, confer with your staff and determine who is best fit to lead your team.  It is important to notify all applicants of your decision whether you selected them or not.

In my opinion………

In my opinion you should only allow Juniors and Seniors in good standing to apply for captain.  Look at the make up of your team and give heavy consideration to female applicants.  Having the right kids leading your team will be another badge on your chest of honor showing all family’s that your team is solid from the top down.

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