Recruit Student Athletes

Offering a new shooting sports team at your school is an historic and exciting offering that many people will have a very high level of interest in. A shooting sports team offers the initial opportunity for all students to participate in as long as they meet the League requirements. In virtually all cases, the number of interested students to join a team is substantially more than initially expected so you should be prepared to understand how you will mange that in the near future. It’s important that you treat everyone fair and discourage tryouts.IMG_0088

  1. There are a few factors to consider that will limit the number of members on your team including; the number of fields available at the shooting range; the number of days in a week to complete the event; the number of coaches required on a team (the League requires a 1/10 coach/student ratio); and school preferences (grade level).
  2. Determine the qualifying (by grade) students with school officials. The League allows students from grades six through twelve who have earned their state-issued hunter education/firearm safety certification.
  3. It is important for prospective team members to understand that they will need to have a state-issued hunter education/firearms safety training certificate before your team’s athlete registration deadline.
  4. You may want to consider conducting hunter education/firearms safety training certification classes to ensure timing compliance with your athletes.
  5. Set a date and location for an Open House at the school. Try to avoid scheduling the open house during other school events including sports, activities, or parent gatherings. The location should be a very large room such as a media room, cafeteria, or auditorium.
  6. Post flyers around the school introducing the “NEW” clay target team. Download customizable flyers from the League that can be printed.
  7. Post information on the school website with information about the team.
  8. Advertise the team in the school announcements.
  9. Run an article in your local newspaper promoting the team.
  10. Attend school spring and fall sport informational meetings.
  11. Understand the League student athlete registration deadlines, process and tools.
  12. You may consider setting earlier deadlines than the League deadlines to assist managing registration and funds.
  13. Take a team picture!


Example Student Recruitment Kit:


Download student recruitment kits at your state Clay Target League Website

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