Acquire Coaches and Volunteers

School shooting sport teams are successful when responsible leaders and contributors team up to work on the common goal of involving schools and students in shooting sports. The results of a common goal-orientated coaching staff creates a safe, fun and competitive activity that all participants will be proud to be part of. Make sure you acquire the right people to help make that happen.IMG_5512

  1. Ask for volunteers at the gun club, open house, and through students to help coach and manage team events.
  2. Seek out people from your parent group that have teaching skills.
  3. Seek out volunteers from your local shooting range.
  4. Some volunteers that are firearm safety training instructors or certified shotgun instructors are desirable as members of your staff.
  5. Decide how many volunteers you will need as defined by the League’s policy and what their role will be. Coaching staff responsibility recommendations can be found in the League’s Policies & Procedures.
  6. Volunteers will need to be flexible and committed to the team at all times.
  7. All volunteers are encouraged to complete the school districts background check before joining the team.
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