Acquire Trusted Resources for Ammunition

There are many retailers and manufacturers to consider when choosing or recommending ammunition for your team. It’s important that you consult with your shooting range prior to making any decisions to assure that the ammunition you choose will comply within the shooting range’s requirements. Price, product and availability are the primary factors should be considered when fulfilling your order.IMG_0039

  1. Estimate the amount of ammunition your team needs for the League. Each student athlete will need two boxes of ammunition for each scheduled event. Therefore the student athlete will require a minimum of two cases of ammunition. You may want to consider purchasing additional ammunition if additional practice is desired.
  2. Determine if you prefer to conduct a bulk ammunition purchase to lower costs for student athletes or if you want each student athlete to be responsible for their own ammunition.
  3. Connect with local sporting goods stores to find out availability and cost on ammunition.
  4. Set up options for families to purchase ammunition with the team through a bulk order. Make sure you completely understand the bulk ammunition purchase agreement terms to ensure product and delivery dates meet your rerquirements.
  5. Define the delivery date required with your ammunition supplier so you are able to distribute and/or have available prior to your scheduled event.
  6. Set up multiple resources for ammunition as price and availability will constantly change.
  7. Make sure the ammunition you select meets League and/or shooting range requirements as defined in the Policies & Procedures.
  8. Be sure to follow all state and federal laws.
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