Implement a Safety Plan

Safety is the League’s number one priority for everyone involved. Therefore it is vitally important that you create, promote, train, and practice all the safety components related to your team. The primary safety components include shooting range safety requirements, team/League safety requirements, and an emergency management plan. The League has an unblemished safety record and is the safest school sport. It’s important to all of us to keep it that way.IMG_4808

  1. Familiarize everyone with League Policies & Procedures.
  2. Create and distribute your own team handbook and safety plan. Educate and set expectations on and off the shooting range for student athletes, coaches, and parents.
  3. Develop an emergency management plan to identify processes and people required to manage emergency situations efficiently and effectively.
  4. Seek out professionals and instructors that can help you design your teams safety guidelines and requirements.
  5. Begin your first team meeting with a presentation on what it means to be safe.
  6. Hand out safety guidelines provided by your shooting range.
  7. Demonstrate safe handling of a firearm to all coaches and athletes.
  8. Continually practice safety procedures at all team events.
  9. Explore options for your coaches to become safety certified instructors through various programs.
  10. Communicate to everyone the disciplinary actions that will be taken if any safety policies are violated.
  11. Reinforce that clay target shooting is the safest sport in school with zero recorded injuries.
  12. Have access (electronic or hard copy) to your League roster from the Team Management System during all events so you can instantly access medical condition and emergency contact information.
  13. Stress the League’s priorities (in order of importance) of Safety, Fun, and Marksmanship!


Download a Team Emergency Management Plan sample program.

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