Assign Team Captains

Team captain(s) provide the inspiration and opportunity for any of your student athletes to become team leaders. Earning the team captain designation doesn’t have to be a top-performing athlete. Team captains should be selected based on those that reinforce a strong team culture which carries rewards far beyond the playing field.IMG_9744

  1. Determine how many captains you need based off of team size.
  2. Create team captain guidelines that outlines responsibilities and expectations. Guidelines should include identify criteria for person(s) that go above and beyond in your expectations in terms of improving self, teammates and the sport.
  3. Consider juniors and seniors as a first option.
  4. Consider the benefits of a mixture of male and female captains.
  5. Create 5-10 questions for captain candidates to answer.
  6. Hold interviews for candidates at the school and invite assistant coaches.
  7. Require captains to attend and participate at all team meetings and events.
  8. Offer a letter to all captains.
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