Start a Lettering Program

A lettering program provides an opportunity for your student athletes to be recognized like other school sports for specific achievements that include time commitment, academics, and athleticism. Student athletes on your team are very proud to represent your school and showcase their accomplishments. Make sure you treat the program the same way.

  1. Check with school officials to learn more about other sport lettering programs.IMG_4135
  2. Research and design criteria for your athletes to letter. Some recommendations are available from the League.
  3. Make goals attainable to all levels of your athletes. Offer letters for both regular season and tournament accomplishments.
  4. Submit your criteria to the school Athletic/Activities Director for approval.
  5. Design a patch for your athletes to add to their letter jacket. Some patch ideas and resources are available from the League.
  6. Acknowledge letter winners at team banquet or special event.


Download lettering recommendations

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