Growing Teams

This course is designed for coaches of teams that are experiencing substantial team growth.

Lesson content includes: Start a Lettering Program, team captains, publish a yearbook photo, manage substantial growth, consider a website, formal coaches training, create a formal team structure, fundraising, refining the registration process, blending in new athletes to the team, competitive vs. recreational, long range vision of the team, team fun shoots and picnic, clinics and practice opportunities for growth, team banquet.


Start a Lettering Program

A lettering program provides an opportunity for your student athletes to be recognized like other school sports for specific achievements that include time commitment, academics, and athleticism. Student athletes on your team are very proud to represent your school and showcase their accomplishments. Make sure you treat the program the same way. Check with school […]

Assign Team Captains

Team captain(s) provide the inspiration and opportunity for any of your student athletes to become team leaders. Earning the team captain designation doesn’t have to be a top-performing athlete. Team captains should be selected based on those that reinforce a strong team culture which carries rewards far beyond the playing field.

Managing Substantial Growth

The popularity of your team will attract many additional students that want to be on the team. Most teams double the number of members on a team the second year. Current members of your team will share their positive experiences with a new sport, new friends, coaches and mentors. A growing team will require additional […]

Create a Website

An attractive and easy-to-navigate team website is a great medium to promote your team to the world and manage team communications. Check with your school if 1) they will host website pages on their school’s website, or 2) you need to create your own website with your own domain. Research options for creating a website. […]

Train Coaches

Coaches that share the same mission for your team is the number one priority to managing a successful team. Your previous year’s athletes have mastered the basics and are yearning for more. You have refined your program for new shooters for your team. Now it’s time to enhance your staff’s coaching abilities to keep up […]

Create a Formal Team Structure

Most new teams take anyone and everyone that is willing to help your program get pointed in the right direction. In your second year, you now have the opportunity to evaluate who is on your staff and what their role should be based off of your coaching staff’s strengths and weaknesses. Consider creating a Board […]

Conduct Fundraising Efforts

Second year teams generally try and improve from their first season, and along with a new set of goals comes the financial need to meet them. Fundraising can be very helpful to reach those goals, but it can also very complicated. It’s important to meet with your volunteer group and decide what you will be […]

Refine the Registration Process

Student athlete registration is the start of your season each year is a critical item to create your final roster. If your team is larger this upcoming year, athlete registration may seem overwhelming but there are a few things that you can be doing to refine the process. Reserve a room at the school ahead […]

Blend in New Athletes to the Team

Second-year teams will see many new student athletes of various shooting skill levels. It is important to be prepared to manage this new influx of excited athletes and their parents. Invite new shooters to the range before the season starts to familiar them with the range. Walk your new athletes through the range and demonstrate […]

Define Competitive versus Recreational

The second year of your team bring new challenges including how you will coach your team and how competitive your teams wants to be in the League. Most teams have fun and compete at a very moderate and recreational level in the first year, this changes quickly as your athletes continue to grow in the […]

Develop a Long Range Vision of the Team

As the excitement continues to rise, second year teams should create a vision and a success plan in place that clearly outlines goals and expectations. Meet with your coaches and volunteer staff to design a vision for your team. This can be as simple as jotting down ideas and starting to form committees to carry […]

Conduct Clinic and Practice Opportunities

You have just completed your second season and your athletes want more. The summer is a great time to schedule team clinics that will keep your shooters at their best Design and offer a clinic that focuses on specific skills and needs for your athletes The clinic should be instructional for both coaches and athletes […]

Host a Team Banquet

It’s important to recognize individual achievements and having a team banquet is a great way to celebrate the season for everyone involved with the team. Your banquet should be planned by a committee that you designate as there will be a lot of work setting it up. Secure a venue, try and find a place […]