Create a Secure Information Database

The League provides tools through your Team Management System™ so you can access information quickly and accurately. All athlete information is entered by the athlete’s parent/guardian or the athlete at the time of registration. To help manage the information of your coaching staff, create a database of contact information that can be accessed by those allowed.IMG_3589

  1. Create a safe place to store information that you collect from your athletes, coaches and school officials.
  2. Forms can be stored electronically in password-protected folders but it’s always a good idea to keep a hard copy in a secured location as well.
  3. Decide who has access to this information and how they use it. Consider emergencies or other situations in which other individuals (such as school officials) may need access.
  4. Only ask for information that you need. Storing useless information will only make you look less organized.
  5. Set up organized folders that can give you quick reference to information when you need it.
  6. Keep medical information readily available to you at the range, this will be helpful when dealing with athletes that have allergies or medical conditions.
  7. Make sure your TMS database is updated with current information.
  8. Keep important email communications in folders and backed
  9. Keep information private at all times!
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