Prepare for Tournaments

Participating in the League’s tournaments is a great experience for everyone. It is the best venue to meet other teams, coaches and student athletes all in a single location and time. Each tournament is unique by offering equal competition among athletes with similar shooting abilities. The League makes it easy to participate through online registration. A well-prepared tournament team will provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.IMG_9369

  1. Familiarize yourself with tournament formats. Visit the League’s website to view the latest information and watch for email communications.
  2. Encourage your athletes to participate in all League tournaments.
  3. Explain the benefits of being tournament-ready by having your athletes shoot more than two rounds leading up to the League tournament.
  4. Inquire about the Leagues tournament rules ahead of each event to best understand competition classifications such as Varsity, JV, and Novice levels. Varsity Season Average: 19-25, JV Season Average: 15-18.99, and Novice Season Average 0-14.99.
  5. Promote the fun and team building that a League tournament can offer.
  6. Be clear about fees and expectations at League tournaments.
  7. Seek out hotel and restaurant options for League tournaments.
  8. Coordinate transportation options to allow as many athletes as possible to compete in League tournaments.
  9. Plan a team meeting and picnic while at League tournaments to disperse information and recognize athletes and coaches.
  10. Take the League tournament seriously but remember to have FUN!
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