Create a Website

An attractive and easy-to-navigate team website is a great medium to promote your team to the world and manage team communications.

  1. Check with your school if 1) they will host website pages on their school’s website, or 2) you need to create your own Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 9.20.02 AMwebsite with your own domain.
  2. Research options for creating a website. There are many options available for free that offer easy step by step instructions for setting up your webpage.
  3. Appoint a person from your staff with some interactive design abilities to build, create, and maintain the team website. As things progress throughout the season you will want your webpage to be as up-to-date as possible.
  4. Include photos of the following:
    • Athletes
    • Coaches
    • Range Safety officers
    • Parents and families
    • Team uniforms
    • Your home range
    • Team and Individual accomplishments
    • Smiles! Lots and lots of smiles projects Fun, Safety, and Marksmanship
    • Photos can be an excellent way to celebrate your team and grow your program
  5. Set up a “Content” tab that the team can reference for all team events and meetings. A calendar is also a good idea and an easy way to keeps team events organized. The content should include all contact information for the coaching staff and school officials.
  6. Set up a “News” tab that will highlight current events with both your team and the league. The news tab can be used for any general aspects of the team.
  7. Setting up a webpage should be fun and creative. Some other important tabs to consider are the following:
    • Home
    • Scores/standings
    • Team/coaches
    • General Information
    • Safety
    • Fundraising
    • Photo Gallery
    • Sponsors
    • Links to resources outside of the team’s website
  8. Your webpage will help reduce the amount of email you send and at the same time keep your team engaged as to current events with the team and the league.
  9. You can also setup custom email addresses for your team with your domain.


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