Train Coaches

Coaches that share the same mission for your team is the number one priority to managing a successful team. Your previous year’s athletes have mastered the basics and are yearning for more. You have refined your program for new shooters for your team. Now it’s time to enhance your staff’s coaching abilities to keep up with the demand of athletes who want to improve upon their shooting abilities.

  1. Meet as a group and define some goals as related to coaching enhancements.
  2. Begin to enhance your skills through formal training as it relates to the following:
    • Coaching
    • Shooting skills
    • Safety
    • First Aid
    • Leadership
    • Ethics
  3. Research classes and seminars that you approve and that match the style of your team. Not all instructors are the same and many may not fall within the parameters of what you believe.
  4. Work with instructors to set up classes for as many of your coaching staff as you can. Consider breaking up your groups to keep classes smaller offering more one on one instruction.
  5. As the head coach you should also be going to as many training opportunities as possible. It’s important to lead by example and coaches will follow your lead.
  6. Stagger the classes and use a variety of instructors. It’s a good idea to pick up little things that will help you and your staff accomplish the needs of your team.
  7. Consider paying for the coaches training. Your coaches are volunteers and many consider it a nice offering by the team to cover the costs as it relates to education. The benefits will greatly justify the cost when it comes to a unified coaching staff.
  8. Pace yourself and do not overload your coaches all in one season. Many of the courses offered are set up in phases or stages and one or two a year in the off season is plenty.
  9. Hold a yearly review with your staff and decide what courses were helpful and what were not. The better the material the better you and your staff will be able to project information to your athletes.


National Federation Of State High School Associations
Topic(s): Multiple
Cost: Free

U.S. Center for SafeSport
Topic(s): COVID-19, awareness and abuse prevention training
Cost: Some courses are free

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