Upgrade Equipment

It’s time to evaluate what the team has for equipment and see what improvements can be made to safety, firearms, gear, and technology.IMG_3482

  1. Start with safety equipment, safety is a priority and the equipment you offer should be in good condition and free of defects.
  2. Hearing protection:
    • Foam plugs.
      • Foam ear plugs are great but don’t necessarily fit everyone, consider offering your athletes custom hearing protection.
      • Self-deafening ear plugs are also an option and allow coaches and athletes to converse while on the field, these will protect your hearing when a loud noise goes off.
    • Ear muffs.
      • Ear muffs should be inspected weekly for the following:
        1. Proper fit.
        2. Proper seal.
        3. Cracks in the foam.
        4. Adjustment strap.
      • Ear muffs have a tendency to wear out fast and therefore become less effective.
      • Athletes will struggle with bulky ear muffs and hinder their abilities trying to secure a good cheek weld.
      • Consider custom ear muffs that are sleek lined.
      • Consider custom ear muffs that are self-deafening.
  1. Eye protection
    • Your athletes require the best when it comes to their vision, offering a variety of safety glasses can be a huge offering to your team.
    • Standard safety glasses.
      • Clear glasses that cover the eye completely and protect from objects entering the eyeball.
      • Offer a number of different styles, glasses are a comfort thing and fit is extremely important.
      • Keep glasses clean and scratch free, dispose glasses that have cloudy or blurred spots.
    • Custom safety glasses.
      • Offer upgraded safety glasses that have interchangeable lenses for various light conditions.
      • Seeing the target is important and custom safety glasses will help pick up the target quickly.
      • Include a case and proper cleaning supplies with all custom glasses, good shooting glasses are expensive and need to be taken care of.
  1. Safety vests
    • Offer your coaches and range safety officers high visible clothing that establishes them as the authority on the field.
    • The weather is a factor so consider offering the following:
      • Safety shirts (long and short sleeve).
      • Safety hat.
      • Safety jacket.
      • Safety equipment is essential and should be upgraded on a yearly basis.
  1. Team firearms.
    • Consider upgrades to team guns by purchasing shot guns that meet the needs of all levels of shooters.
    • Carry at least 2 of the following, one in each caliber of 12 and 20 gauge.
      • Pump action.
      • Semi-automatic.
      • Over/Under.
    • Your athletes will undoubtedly want to improve their shotgun and by supplying a variety of team guns you can help them make the right decision when purchasing a new firearm.
    • Purchase shotguns that are fully adjustable to cover a wide range athlete shapes and sizes.
    • Have a licensed gunsmith offer advice on what to purchase. Gunsmiths are a great resource and know a lot about guns.
    • Have that gunsmith go through all team guns on a yearly basis, this will ensure proper function and safety.
    • Properly label all team guns and make sure cases are in good working condition.
  1. Technology.
    • Experienced teams can start using technology to help their team.
    • Consider purchasing equipment that has video capabilities such as a video camera or tablet.
    • Purchasing a camera will allow coaches to snap action shots, this will be helpful when instructing athletes that are struggling or stuck in a certain place.
    • Here are few of the benefits of upgrading technology on the team:
      • Ability to purchase apps such as Coaches Eye.
      • Take photos.
      • Take videos.
      • Electronic scoring.
      • Watch instructional videos.
      • Capture the fun at the field.
  1. Miscellaneous
    • Folding tables.
    • Folding chairs.
    • Team banners.
    • Tents and canopy’s.
    • Grill.
  2. Equipment upgrades are an essential part of a successful team, eliminating distractions will allow your athletes to focus on breaking more targets.
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