Acquire Storage

IMG_3779Equipment is expensive and should be stored properly in a clean and secured location.

  1. These are few things to consider when looking for a storage facility:
    • The location should be safe and secure, preferably locked at all times.
    • Find a place that is dry and safe from the elements, moisture will corrode guns and ammunition.
    • Consider a storage unit, many can be rented by the month. Pay for the unit with team fees or donations.
    • Avoid using your own personal garage, most garages are uninsulated and are not a good source for storing large quantities of ammunition.
    • Determine what you will need to store and how often you will need access it.
    • The storage facility should be large enough to store a safe to properly store guns.
    • Assign and document a select small group of trusted coaches allowed to access to your storage facility.
  1. Mobile storage
    • Consider purchasing an enclosed trailer.
    • The trailer should big enough to hold all team equipment and capable of fitting behind most vehicles.
    • You will need hardware to make sure equipment can be transported securely.
  2. Storage of your team equipment in a safe and convenient place will reduce the risk of things breaking or wearing out too soon.
  3. The storage facility you pick should be affordable capable of handling the growth of your team.
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