Publish a Yearbook Photo

A yearbook photos allows your team to become permanently enshrined in a student athlete’s memoir and represent the school proudly. A professional photo of your team will promote your team proudly.2012-New-Prague

  1. Reach out to the school yearbook staff to inquire about the deadlines and format for submitting a team photo.
  2. The photo should include the team and coaches.
  3. The photo should be unique and show the team in a positive light.
  4. The photo needs to be in good taste and not create controversy.
  5. Work with the staff to highlight captains, team leaders, and action shots.
  6. Submit photos with the team and League logo highlighting accomplishments throughout the season.
  7. Take options. Some with firearms and some without.
  8. Ask school officials if firearms are allowed in the photo.
  9. Submit new photos each season as the team continues to grow in size.
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