Refine the Registration Process

Student athlete registration is the start of your season each year is a critical item to create your final roster. If your team is larger this upcoming year, athlete registration may seem overwhelming but there are a few things that you can be doing to refine the process.

  1. Reserve a room at the school ahead of time and make sure it can accommodate both parents and athletes.
  2. Have folders ready with all of the necessary forms your families will need. Each folder should contain the following:
    • Meeting agenda
    • A data collection form requiring athlete name, contact information, emergency contacts, firearms safety certification number, age, grade, phone number, email address and so on.
    • A calendar of all team events and competition shoots.
    • All school, team, and gun club waivers if required.
    • A clothing order form.
    • A cost sheet outlining team fees and expenses.
    • A sheet with instructions on how to register with the League.
    • A general information sheet that highlights key aspects of your team. This can include pictures from the previous season as well as interesting fun facts about the League.
  3. Create a presentation introducing yourself and the coaching staff. Your presentation should cover the following:
    • Safety! Explain what the safety requirements are and update the team with any new safety procedures.
    • Fun! Talk about how much fun the league is. Include awards and achievements from the previous season. You can have current team members speak about their experience with the team.
    • Marksmanship! Speaking about marksmanship gives your athletes the confidence they need to feel comfortable joining a clay target team for the first time.
    • Individual goals.
    • Team goals.
    • Team schedule.
    • Captains and Squad Leaders.
    • Ethics.
    • Gun fit.
    • Four fundamentals (of what?)
    • Dominant eye.
    • League scoring system.
    • Ammunition recommendations and requirements.
    • Chokes.
    • Shooting range requirements.
    • Tournaments.
    • Fundraisers.
    • Questions.
  4. The meeting should last no more than two hours and offer breaks as necessary.
  5. Each athlete should provide a copy of their firearm’s safety training certificate or SAFE certificate.
  6. Invite the school’s Athletic/Activities Director to speak.
  7. Collect all forms and payment.
  8. Make your deadlines earlier than the League’s deadlines if you have a larger team. This will help you allow more time to ensure that all items are completed accurately and on time.
  9. Communicate the importance of deadlines. There are NO extensions.
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