Start a Team

IMG_1965Students, parents, teachers, gun club members, or school officials have the ability to start a shooting sport team at their school. It’s easy, fun, and the League provides as much assistance required to help get your new team approved.

  1. Contact the school Athletic Director, Activities Director and/or Principal to set up a meeting to identify the requirements to get a League team approved.
  2. Speak positively about the League and provide a list of benefits to the school, athletes and parents at your school.
  3. Review League Policies & Procedures with school officials.
  4. Work with your school officials to set up guidelines and rules that you both can agree on Identify, publish and promote additional guidelines and rules (IE: academic expectations, lettering) that may be specific to your school requirements for participating in an activity.
  5. Understand and promote the school’s “Weapons Policy” to coaches, parents and athletes on your team.
  6. Encourage current League coaches to join you in meetings with school officials. They can provide excellent feedback and resources as to how the League works.
  7. Contact other head coaches of other sports at your school to inquire about questions regarding team management, booster clubs and certification programs.
  8. Invite school officials, parents and athletes to an informational open house that will cover a broad range of topics related to high school clay target shooting. An open house can be conducted before a team is approved to measure the level of interest or after the team is approved to acquire student athletes and coaches. Promotion and presentation materials are available from the League.
  9. Meet all deadlines.
  10. Send a news release to local media outlets to promote the new team.

View a an example of a school team approval letter.

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