Recognizing Athletes

I know it’s only practice week 1 but already we are seeing perfect scores coming in left and right.  This is obviously great news and just goes to show how much our sport has grown in only a few short years.  Sometimes we lose track and forget that this is a high school sport and not just another shooting team.  The perfect rounds that are shot each week are milestones for our kids.  They are able to reach these mile stones because of YOU, the coach, assistant coach, the board member, the RSO and so on.  Always keep in mind that this is a COACHED TEAM sport and you will continue to watch your athletes accomplish goals you never thought possible.

Patches (25,50,75,100 Straight!)

The league offers patches for those that achieve high scores.  While we supply those patches, it’s up to you to make sure the athlete is awarded the patch.  It’s important that these patches do not just get thrown in a bag or left on the seat of the truck.  As you hand out a patch congratulate that athlete and encourage them to have it sewn on to their jersey or vest right away!  We are proud of our athletes and so let’s make sure they are getting the respect they deserve.

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