Recognize Achievements

Recognizing individual and team achievements is an important component to providing a great experience for your student athletes. Achievements don’t always have to recognize top performers. Make sure you consider many ways to recognize those that help make the team successful.

  1. Discuss with your school and coaches before the League begins IMG_5010to set various levels of accomplishments that your athletes can attain.
  2. Consider proposing a lettering program for your team to the school. The League can provide lettering recommendations.
  3. Present achievement awards weekly and/or at the team’s year-end banquet. Awards can include trophies, plaques, painted (gold) clay targets,  patches or certificates.
  4. Do not offer cash or merchandise. It will affect your athlete’s amateur status with the League.
  5. Set achievement weekly scoring average goals for all League classifications of Varsity (19-25 avg), JV (15-18.99 avg), and Novice (0-14.99 avg).
  6. Consider individual awards, squad awards, captains awards, and awards for both boys and girls.
  7. Consider recognition for coaches or special individuals who made exception contributions to the team.
  8. You will see your athletes’ scores rise considerably in the first season and it’s important that you recognize their efforts.
  9. Make the awards fun and unique and something that a high school athlete would be proud to show to his/her family.
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