Conduct Clinic and Practice Opportunities

IMG_3169You have just completed your second season and your athletes want more. The summer is a great time to schedule team clinics that will keep your shooters at their best

  1. Design and offer a clinic that focuses on specific skills and needs for your athletes
  2. The clinic should be instructional for both coaches and athletes
  3. The clinic should allow athletes to work on the following:
    • Changes to stance
    • Improving speed and focus
    • Clearing up their sight picture
    • Equipment upgrades
      • New guns
      • Shooting glasses
    • Trying new techniques
    • Shooting multiple rounds
  4. Offering one or two clinics a summer will keep your athletes engaged and their skills sharp
  5. The clinics should be held to under 3 hours with respect to the attention span of your typical teenage athlete
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